Blind Superstition

Blind Superstitions in the Casino Industry You Must Know

Every kind of gambling includes luck to some extent; most of the gamblers will struggle hard to show that success is on their side. There are a lot of superstitions that revolves around gambling industry some of them which we might have heard of. It’s long time we have to stop these superstitions. Some gamblers online casino malaysia believe in these myths, and due to their enormous luck rate, it turned out to be accurate but is not the case with other players 3win2u casino. Usually, the superstitions are categorized into those actions which can bring bad luck and which can bring good luck. You have to keep in mind that these are just superstitions and are not applicable when you play. So, sit back and read the following paragraphs which can make you awestruck.

13 and 4

In many countries, number 13 is known as the most unlucky number. In China, number 4 plays a significant role in owning an unfortunate rate. Four is a homophone to the word death in Chinese, no wonder it is picturized as the unlucky number. Not only that, any player who mention books around the table sound more of lose, which is also known as the unlucky number. So, for the superstition players, not all the numbers are unlucky, the number 8 sound more prosperous. It, therefore, makes a bet safer.


You can cross your fingers as a depiction of good luck, but never cross your legs while sitting around the casino table. One must always sit straight with their feet touched the ground while playing. Again, another version of superstition!

 Counting money

Counting money before or after the game is considered as a bad influence. It might not only be insensitive to the other players but also falls under the massive abyss of superstition.

Don’t sing nor whistle

There are players around the world who believe that singing and whistling around the gambling table makes the gambling gods furious, and it is annoying to the other fellow players.

Apart from these, there are also one group of people who believes that doing specific actions and rituals will bring good luck to them. Some of them are;

Blowing on the dice

Blowing on the dice

Yes, some people believe this! Some people would coat a sticky substance on one side of the dice, so when thrown will land on the preferred number, this is more of cheating.

Red color

Many of the gamblers have their lucky clothes which they wear while playing. But, some people wear red to the casino which they consider as their lucky color. In some parts of the world, red signifies, luck and joy. Imagine a crowded place where you see a lot of red clothes, people around many casino tables!

 Lucky charms

Some people would wear lucky charms around their neck or their wrist to bring luck. Some of the famous lucky charms include fortunate rabbit’s footprint, four-leaf clover, and horseshoes.

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